Zwischen dem Propheten (sas) und einem Imam im Ramadan – Adnan Nakdali

Salam Germany,

with Sh. Adnan Nakdali we try to find out something about the routine of the Prophet (sas) in Ramadan and why we do not find a fixed Sunnah here as for example in other worship services. We also show the contrast to an imam today and what his routine is shaped by.

We wish every listener well and especially those who are fasting a blessed final spurt. Bismillah!

00:02:52 – Prophetic Ramadan routine
00:08:22 – Ramadan vs. isolation
00:15:00 – (Virtual) empathy
00:24:31 – The last 10 days:
Final spurt 00:33:00 – Ramadan as Imam
00:40:46 – The Imam doesn’t know everything
00:45:00 – Ramadan advice

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